If you sell a service, digital or physical products, memberships, courses, or group programs, a welcome sequence is the go-to marketing tool for converting browsers into buyers.

Here's what's inside‡️


πŸ“ Quickie Brand Voice Primer so you can insert some personality into your emails without it sounding over-the-top, inauthentic, or as boring as a communion cracker.

βœ… Email Prep Checklist

  • How To Get Your Emails Read
  • Audience Segment Selector
  • Resource Roundup Grid


πŸ“§ The Complete Welcome Sequence Template Pack (+ subject line ideas)

  1. The Fancy-Seeing-You-Here welcome email
  2. The Who are you, really? email
  3. The You’re In Gorgeous Company email
  4. The Let’s Get Real email
  5. The final Where We Go From Here - Ready, Set, Go!

πŸ“§ The Cold Subscribers List Cleaning Email Templates

  1. The Hey, Stranger email
  2. The Before We Bid Adieu email
  3. The Last Dance email


πŸ’» Step-by-Step ConvertKit Sequence Set-Up Guide (which can be used as a reference for any email service software like Mailchimp, Flodesk, etc.)

🧼 How To Clean Your Email List in 10-Steps done in ConvertKit but can be adapted for any email service provider.

πŸ“ˆ Quarterly Email Metrics Tracker dubbed the UP&TR (Up And To The Right πŸ“ˆ ) tracker.