Learn to dive three levels deep into how your audience thinks so you can write compelling messaging that gets at your audience’s core and speaks to their problems in a way that nobody else does.

Conquer your communications woes and start connecting with your audience.


  • Instant access to my 26-page digital download
  • Psychology-based, prep-work prompts for getting inside your clients’ heads
  • (3) Audience Persona Builder templates
  • (3) Audience Persona Solution templates
  • Pre-filled example templates with my personal annotations
  • Next step explainers for applying copy to your website and sales pages
  • Printable Client Messaging Summary Sheet


  • 7 Psychological Hacks For Exceptional Sales Messaging
  • 3 Ways To Generate Interest In Your Offer
  • 8 Easy And Free Ways To Eavesdrop On Your Audience To Uncover Their Problems
  • PAS+ Sales Copy Formula
  • How To Position And Differentiate Your Brand In One(ish) Paragraph