Finding that "you-sized gap in the market" is about more than where your skills meet someone's needs...

Your perfect-fit client aligns with your workflow style, your offers (and investment expectations), and those je nais se quois qualities that give your business and brand a unique flavor.

This workbook was created for purpose-driven business owners like you to workshop who you are so you can take ownership over your unique audience instead of catering to someone else's.

Plus, you'll learn clever ways to research your audience and find the online clues they've left around the digital neighborhood telling you exactly what they're saying, searching, and dreaming about.


  • Workflow Style Survey & Summary
  • Pricing Strategy Worksheet & Calculator
  • "Stay in Place or Pivot?" Prompts
  • Offers Assessment & Summary
  • Dream Client Mapping
  • Audience Persona Builder & Summary
  • Elevator Pitch Creator
  • Audience Action Plan

Get ready because clarity feels so good!